Best Effective Money Saving Tips For Moms

mom and son with piggy bankBeing a mom you have to look for ways to keep the family happy and well taken care in all aspects. Money saving tips is important for the entire family whether you are a stay-at-home or working mom. Here are some of the best money saving tips that can help moms save for a rainy day. They have worked for me and I hope they do for you.

Scale back on some bills

It’s time to start cutting back on some of the things you don’t need in your home. Do you need a premium cable plan with so many stations that you rarely watch? Do you need unlimited telephone minutes? As a mom, this are decisions that you can decide on as they are not necessities. Sometimes, you may decide to get rid of your home phone because you already have a cell phone. You can also save on electricity bills by turning off lights after leaving a room, the thermostat or using appliances carefully. You may think that this savings are not much, but when they are all added up at the end of the month, you could be surprised.

Limit eating out to once every week

As much as the kids enjoy a date eating out, limiting eating out could save the family a huge chunk of money. Although eating out may seem convenient, it is really a huge expense in the long run. You do not have to cut eating out completely, but making it once a week is okay. When going out, do not go to those expensive restaurants, go to cheaper options. You may be surprised they have awesome deals for families.

Buy and sell second-hand

There are so many options for gently used toys and clothes for your children you will be spoilt for choice. They are not only found in yard sales in your community but also in online stores such as ebay. Furthermore, you can always buy good quality household items as the same places at cheaper prices than what you would have spend on buying them new. Even if you may have set up a budget for new stuff in your house, buying gently used stuff can really amount to huge savings which you can use for other activities such as sports. Additionally, you can also sell items you do not use in your home such as clothes your kids have outgrown or toys they do not use.

Clip and trade coupons

Organize to meet up with other moms in your community to clip and trade coupons that you are not in need of for ones that can be of help. You will be able to save money on groceries and help other moms in your community do the same.

It’s the little things that add up

Keep a list of every penny spend each day for just a month. This will help you see those little things that are costing you so much every end of month. Like the cappuccino you order ever morning in the office when tallied up could easily add up to $700 a year or ordering pizza for your kids every Saturday night. When you sit down and add up those little expenses, you realize that they are not as little as they seem after all.
There you have it moms. These tips will help you save more for your family whether you are working or a stay-at-home mom.